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Welcome to our web site! Here you can find out information on Dover-Sherborn Cable Television (DSCTV) including what programs can be seen, how to get a program on DSCTV, how to get involved with DSCTV and more! You can also watch programming On-Demand!! Just click on the links to the left and right to navigate the site. For more information you can e-mail us or call us at 508-785-0737


Dover-Sherborn Cable Television is a valuable community resource providing access and education to all Comcast and Verizon subscribers of Dover and Sherborn to enable to creation, production and distribution of programming intended to stimulate, entertain, inform and connect the entire community.



Dover-Sherborn Cable Television invites you to its studio for a 
PSA DAY April 9th, 2015 to film a brief message promoting your organization and any fundraising and membership goals you may have.  Please call 785-0737 or email info@dsctv.com if interested with times you'd be available and any other questions




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